`Life of Pi` promo song about metaphorical journey of life

Chennai: Popular independent musician Shrikanth Sriram has composed a promo song in Hindi titled ‘Manzil’ for upcoming English adventure-drama ‘Life of Pi’. He says the song recounts the journey of life from an allegorical context.

"There`s a vague metaphorical parallel between the song and the journey of life. We never wanted to draw a parallel, but as we composed, it just happened," Shrikanth told IANS.

Written by K.C. Lloyd and Shrikanth, ‘Manzil’ has been crooned by playback singer Suraj Jagan, known for hits such as "Give me some sunshine" and "Jaa chudail".

How did you get the opportunity to compose the promo song?

"I was approached by Fox (Fox Star Studios) and Sony (Pictures), who briefed me about the context of the song. I composed the tune in London, and was later joined by Lloyd, who helped me to pen the lyrics," Sriram added.

The song, which will be used as a promotional video, will go on air next week.

Shrikanth has composed the background score for films such as "Barah Anna" and "Striker", and says he likes to take up projects that come to him.

"I`m always open to Bollywood projects, but I don`t go looking for one. Instead, I accept projects that come my way," he added.