Alisha Chinoy lashes out at Vishal-Shekhar

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Looks like music composer Vishal and Shekhar have got into the bad books of playback singer Alisha Chinoy. The singer who has given chartbusters like ‘Kajrare’, ‘It’s rocking’ and ‘Tera hone laga hoon’ amongst other songs had an argument of sorts with the composer duo over remuneration.

Composers Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani recently offered her a sizzling number which they felt only Chinoy could justify. When Alisha got to know the price being offered fro the song, she apparently told Vishal to ‘f**k off. The composers went ahead and signed Sunidhi Chauhan for the same song.

When asked about the incident, Alisha confirmed the news to a daily and said, "Yes, Vishal-Shekhar did offer me a number very recently. I asked them what they`re paying. When I heard the sum, I almost laughed out loud.

Really, how long are we playback singers going to be treated so shabbily? I`ve had just about enough. I`ve no songs on hand at the moment, but I`d rather be without work than without my self-respect.

So yeah, I told Vishal-Shekhar very clearly that I`m not interested in their song or the fame. I told them to tell their producers to pay me what I deserve or f**k off."

The singer who has lot of popular numbers to her credit, feels disheartened and says, "I won`t sell myself out for a pittance.

If you can`t pay me what I deserve, then f**k you. I guess I will become a producer and then exploit the hell out of everyone."

Composer Vishal had a different take to the whole incident and said, "I feel really bad saying this, but the poor lady is delusional and needs help. I mean this with all sincerity. God bless her."