AR Rahman’s `Infinite Love` was conceived 2 years ago

Dubai: AR Rahman has revealed that his new solo single ‘Infinite Love’, which he released last week, was conceived two years back.

The award-winning musician-composer, who calls his latest album “message of peace and hope amidst a time of dark omens of destruction”, said that it is about love and peace, which is a very relevant issue to talk about.

The Oscar-winner said that there are many things going on right now which need to be changed and that was the main concept of the song, the Gulf News reported.

The legendery composer, whose son Ameen is making his acting debut in ‘Infinite Love’, asserted that he wanted to make his latest release kid-friendly.

He added that he was focused on triggering some kind of inspiration for kids, to inspire them to be leaders and to remind them that we have such a great culture.