Bhoomi frontman joins campaign to save sparrows

Kolkata: Joining the `Save Earth` campaign popular Bangla band singer Surojit Chatterjee today said he would join movement towards preventing extinction of the sparrow population, which faced the threat from mobile phone towers.

"My number `Chorui Pakhir Para` (the neighbourhood of sparrow birds) talks about the fall in numbers of these tiny-winged ones, the vanishing of greeneries as we become obsessed with development," the frontman of popular band Bhoomi said.

"The track is part of other songs, reflecting different moods and subjects, of my album Abhontorin (Inward), indicating the thoughts that should trouble everybody inside as we are all helpless in the face of rapid development," he said.

Coming to the album, launched in a never before show of solidarity by other leading Bengali rock singers ? Cactus - man Sidhu, Anindya of Sahar and Chandrabindoo?s Upal, Surojit in an `India Greens` show, Soumitra said it was a collage of Rock, Romantic and Folk Numbers, where myriad instruments like esraj, saxophone, flute and santoor were appropriately blended and used to create a new soundscape.

The soundscape partly resonated with Bhoomi?s timeless folk numbers and was partly more contemporary and urban with issues ranging from environment to a bohemian?s quest for love (?tomar amar?)coming under scanner.