Colonial Cousins to resurface with brand new album

New Delhi: Music producer-composer Lesle Lewis says he is reuniting with his Colonial Cousins bandmate Hariharan to release a new album after almost a decade.

The 51-year-old `Paree Hu Mein` producer said he is planning to collaborate with Hariharan for the new album titled `Colonial Cousins Once More`, which is set to release in the coming months. Lewis says the new project will be very different from their previous work.

"Hariharan and I performed `Janabe Ali` from our new album for one of the IPL matches and the public loved it. The new album will have a different sound to it. It should hopefully be released in a few months," he said.

Lewis, who recently launched his new all-Hindi studio album, `Tanha Sa Hoon` in Mumbai, says his new work focuses more on him being a singer than a songwriter or a composer.

"People never got to hear my voice in my previous albums. The six songs in `Tanha Sa Hoon` are solely about me and I have put my soul in every song.

"In my new work, my compositions are the same but the sound has evolved.
These days auto-tune is very popular but I have not used any pitch corrections. The sound is very raw and organic and that is essentially the beauty of the album," he said.

Lewis, who was on a break from singing for nearly a decade, had been busy experimenting with other career options.

"I am someone who likes to experiment. I was in advertising and then worked for several projects with Radio One. I was also the producer of Coke Studio which brought back the essence of music on Indian television." The first season of Coke Studio, a television series featuring live music performances, consisted of 10 episodes and premiered in India in 2011.

The songwriter, popular for songs like `Jaanam Samjha Karo` and `Alisha`, has also contributed to the film industry and composed for Hindi films like ‘Mela’ and has worked on the scores for the Tamil movie ‘Modhi Vilayadu’.

Lewis collaborated with popular artists like Asha Bhosle, KK and Sunita Rao to create catchy tunes and remixes that gained immense popularity with the masses.

"I am a versatile guy and I make music for the people. If the people want pop, I play pop. India is about emotions and it is all about your ability to stir them. I do plan to contribute to the film industry in the future," he said.

Lewis` musical influences are a reflection of his versatility. The singer, whose debut album, Haseena, released in 1998 says his musical influences range from jazz, hip hop, country, western to Madan Mohan and Naushad.