Euphoria takes on corruption in new album

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2011, 13:35 PM IST

Mumbai: Leaving their trademark romantic tone behind, Euphoria is all set to voice their concern over the various scams blotting the country`s image in their next studio album.

Penned by band`s frontman and lead singer Palash Sen, the songs of the yet-to-titled album will be a far cry from their romantic melodies and Indi-pop reportiere like `Maaeri`, `Dhoom Pichuck Dhoom` and `Kabhi Aana to Meri Gully`.

To be released around June, the album will have 12 songs talking about recent cases of corruption in the Commonwealth Games, terrorism and Maoist violence, Hindu-Muslim conflict, scams like 2G, Adarsh, Satyam, etc.

"There are variety of songs in the album which talk about issues surrounding us. It is a very contemporary issue-based album," vocalist Palash told reporters.

"I think every album brings in what the song writer is thinking at that point of time. In the last few years there has been a complete decadent of our society," the 45-year-old added.

So far all four albums of the New Delhi-based band, which pioneered the `Hindi Rock` genre in the country, have been about the celebration of spirited love.

The music video of `Dhoom Pichuck` from their debut album `Dhoom` in 1998 became one of the most popular music videos shot in the history of non-Bollywood music and catapulted the band to immediate success.

Their unique mixing of electric guitar with traditional instruments like the tabla, dholak and sitar created mesmerising effects.

This would be the band`s fifth studio album.

"It is written with lot of angst but there is a lot of tongue-in-cheek humour as well. We have spoken about some issues directly, while others have been taken up indirectly," Palash said.

Euphoria`s last album `Mehfuz` was released in 2006. When asked why he took five years to come up with new songs, Palash said he was waiting to say something new.

"It is important to have something new to say. If you come out with albums too often, then it becomes repetitive," Palash said.

The song on corruption is called `Chindi chor`. However, there are three songs devoted to love as well.

"Love songs are mandatory with an Euphoria album. I just couldn`t leave them out. But one song on love is again on an issue - the issue of break-ups. Even love is an issue in contemporary India," Palash, a cardiologist by profession, said.

Having performed at over 1000 shows over the last 12 years, `Euphoria` is the first Indian rock band to sing in Hindi.