Fusion band ‘Josh’ reincarnated Delhi in Lahore for latest album

Lahore: South Asian-Canadian fusion band Josh shot the second music video from their newly released album ‘Beyond Kismat’ in Lahore.

The band was on the rooftop of Mian Yousuf Salahuddin’s haveli trying to reincarnate Delhi in the city of Lahore, the Express Tribune reported.

The band members have asserted that their album has already become a hit and has sold over 55,000 albums in four weeks.

The single ‘Yeh Zameen’, directed by Maram and Aabroo, was originally composed by RD Burman in 1982.

In the latest video, the song has been modernised and given a ‘Josh twist’.

“We want to highlight Lahore’s beautiful inner city and to show the commonalities between the sub-continental culture of India and Pakistan,” band member Rupinder Magon (Rup) said.

“Besides portraying the neighborhood culture, the video is also an interesting tribute to Rahul Dev Burman (RD Burman). The video features Rup courting a neighbourhood crush played by Karachi-based actor Aamina Sheikh.”

The other band member Qurram Hussain (Q) spoke about similarities between sceneries in Lahore and Delhi.

“This part of Lahore has the scenery of the sub-continent, if you go to the older parts of Delhi, you will get a similar sort of scenery,” said Q.

“We are just excited and blessed that we still have sceneries such as this in Pakistan and we are excited about revealing it to the world.

“It really does not matter where we shoot it. It will be interesting when people see the video and do not realise that it was shot in Lahore. They will get the message that it’s all just one and the same,” Q added.