IIMs hit by ‘Kolaveri Di’ fever

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2011, 00:37 AM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Premier management institutes of India have been hit by the rage of ‘Kolaveri Di’. Sung by south India sensation Dhanush, the soup song has now become a subject of academic research at the IIM’s across the nation.

Even as ‘Kolaveri Di went viral soon after the song was uploaded on YouTube a few days back, the marketing club of IIM Ranchi organized a seminar on campus to study the strategy that has turned this number into an overnight rage.

While the song has struck just the right note in those young at heart, the academicians has been left pondering as to what made the song become such a huge hit.

Nishant Vatsa, final year MBA student from IIM Ranchi, said "We had a seminar on viral marketing to explore the marketing strategy behind the success of ‘Kolaveri Di’".

“The points discussed in the seminar were - the song becoming a hit without having any element of glamour, adoption of a new concept that transcends the language boundary and the audience accepting an experiment that`s different from the traditional genre of music. The blend of two languages along with the funky music is what did wonders for the number’, he further said.

Meanwhile, Sajal Kumar, a student of IIM Kozhikode, has done a study on the marketing strategy of song. Says Kumar, "We have a semester on social media where we learn the functioning and marketing strategies of viral videos so that they can be best utilized by companies. In my study, I interviewed non-Tamil speaking people and sought reasons behind them liking the song. They said they like the peppy feel, funky music and the Tamlish lyrics. The video of the song has been shot in a studio with presence of the cast from the movie. This has given it a different presentation by not entirely delinking it with the movie. The uniqueness of the entire project has worked in its favour."

Lucknow`s IIM has witnessed a jam-packed session at classes studying the song`s marketing strategy. A final year student said, "We have a subject on services marketing. So classes had an elaborate session on viral and buzz marketing where the song was replayed. There was an hour-long discussion between the professor and students in that class. The video on this session has also been uploaded on a social networking site."

Similar sessions discussing the marketing strategy behind the song have been conducted at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore.