Indeep Bakshi mixes current affairs with hip-hop

New Delhi: Imagine swaying and dancing to Punjabi hip-hop party songs based on current affairs. If you think it`s impossible, then singer Indeep Bakshi`s first album `Billionaire` will make you think twice.

Bakshi, who rose to fame with his hit single `Saturday Saturday` has added a new flavour in the genre of Punjabi hip-hop and is confident that people will enjoy `Billionaire` when it comes out this year-end.

“All the tracks in my album are party-oriented and the songs are on current issues. If I have songs on current issues then people will obviously relate to them. Definitely people would like them,” Bakshi told reporters.

The album has 10 tracks, which include songs titled `Madamji`, `I like you fully dressed` and `Don`t look at me`.

The Delhi-based singer says that while on the one hand he has blended the problems of common man with party flavour, on the other he has added the fun element too.

"I cannot make a song just on serious things,” said the newcomer.

Competition in Punjabi hip-hop genre has intensified with artists like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah entering the field and making a mark for themselves.

However, Bakshi does not feel threatened, especially by Honey Singh.

“We focus on two things and he is definitely not a competition to me. No one is," he said.