Independent music doesn`t get enough attention: Ayushmann Khurrana

New Delhi: Actor-singer Ayushmann Khurrana, who took the music world by storm with his soft Punjabi romantic song "Paani da rang" in his acting debut `Vicky Donor`, is now set to launch a single. But he rues how independent music still has to struggle to get support.

He is ready to release his own independent song "O heeriye" under the Yash Raj Music label.

"I think with independent music, it`s difficult to grab more eyeballs in our country. You hardly get any support from music channels or radio stations. It is not even supported by the narrative of any film," Ayushmann said.

After the success of "Paani da rang", the 28-year-old sang two more songs - "Tu hi tu" and "Saddi gali" - for his second Bollywood film `Nautanki Saala`.

The video jockey-turned-actor accepts that being a known face helped his music gain recognition.

"I wouldn` t have got that support if I was not an actor or if my previous songs were not big hits. I think in India, cricket and cinema are two big entities and if you do something good in these two, then you are revered and you get this public support," Ayushmann said.

"O heeriye", a soft Punjabi rock track is on similar lines as his earlier hits "Paani da rang" and "Saddi gali", but Ayushmann says it has completely different emotions attached to it.

"It is different than the other two as far as the lyrics are concerned because `Paani da rang` and `Saddi gali` were more emotional. They were also in the heartbreak zone, but this one is quite happy. It`s when you see a girl for the first time and fall in love and get into a steady relationship," he explained.

Asked if he plans to launch his own music album anytime soon, he said: "I think it`s slightly difficult and impractical because I have other projects. I had a gap of 10 days, so I could come up with this song."

After being a video jockey, an actor, a singer and assistant director, Ayushmann seems quite content with his choice of career and feels artists should experience everything in the film industry.

"One should be a part of everything in filmmaking. I also assisted Shoojit Sircar in `Hamara Bajaj`. So I think it`s just about being a part of the whole filmmaking process - music, production or anything. I think you should enjoy being in the industry and honour it. It`s great that I got the opportunity," he said.

He clarified that being multi-talented was never his intention.

"I think it`s great if you have multiple talents. Although there was no intention to be multi-talented. I think even if you have one talent and you are giving your best to that, that is enough," he said.