Indian Ocean combines music with a cause

New Delhi: It was a treat for fans of rock band Indian Ocean, who not only experienced a soulful performance but also became part of a concert which spread the message of volunteering for the betterment of society.

The live concert Saturday night was at the Volunter Mela organized by non-governmental organisation VSO India, which aims at motivating volunteers to work in different sectors in the country.

The band is known for its popular song "Bandeh".

The more one volunteers, the better one becomes, said Indian Ocean bass guitarist Rahul Ram, who volunteered to perform at the event. This itself was a rarity as concerts such as this are generally ticketed.

"I have been volunteering for things all my life and I think it`s a great thing to do, to get people to volunteer, not just because you are doing well but because you are doing good for yourself," Ram told IANS.

"The more you learn about other people, others` lives, you become a better person. It helps you in your life, it helps you cope a lot. I think it`s a great thing to encourage people to volunteer," he added.

"We are not raising any money through this concert because the whole idea is to put volunteering in the space where we want young people to come, and music is the best way to attract youth," Ratna Viswanathan, executive director, VSO India told IANS.


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