It`s music over fashion for IRFW visitors

Candolim: Music has turned out to be a bigger draw than fashion for visitors at the India Resort Fashion Week (IRFW) here.

The four-day event, which began Wednesday, has a robust line-up of Indian and international disc jockeys (DJs). From Indian DJs like Vijay Chawla, Anish Sood and Clement D`Souza to international names like Sidney Samson, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, the opening day of the event was a treat for music lovers who were in the mood for some party.

Edward Joyce, a visitor from Ireland, says he just got lucky to be in Goa at this time of the year.

"It is fantastic to be in India at the right time. I was never aware about such a concept happening here, but one of my friends informed me about it. I am having fun. I also heard that there is some fashion week happening nearby, so I will definitely check it out," Joyce, who was soaking in the sun at the beach, told IANS.

London-based student Nabal Abigail, 21, is on her third visit to Goa. She says the experience this time is different.

"Goa is always in my priority list whenever I plan to visit India and it is good to see so many events happening everytime, especially music festivals. I have also heard that some of our performers (international DJs) were performing here, so I planned the day accordingly. Dancing at the shores is an altogether a different experience," she said.

Not just for international visitors, the excitement also seen among Indians too, and everyone danced till the music stopped.

Fashion or no fashion - music will always remain a draw, said another visitor James D`Silva.

"Fashion is still new in Goa. But it is music that attracts everyone alike, so who can miss a chance like this? Names from India and international music world performing live ... dude, it can`t be better than this," he said.

The ongoing IRFW is an amalgamation of fashion and music.

DJ Clement D`Souza, who performed here Wednesday, says he loved being part of such an enthralling audience.

"Fashion and music have always gone hand in hand. I`m happy to be a part of the line up and I am very excited to be a part of this event, specially since it is happening in my favourite state, Goa!"

International socialite Paris Hilton too is here to spin the disc.