Kailash Kher treats Bangalore audience to ‘Rangeele’

New Delhi: Kailash Kher enthralled music lovers as he performed songs from his recently released album ‘Rangeele’, live at a concert at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore on Saturday.

This is the fourth album of the singer who shot to fame with his earthy voice in the song ‘Allah Ke Bande’.

“Today we are at Bangalore IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and we have come here as our new album has been released ‘Rangeele’ and this is the fourth album of Kailash and we will sing all the colourful songs from our album ‘Rangeele’ to entertain people,” he said.

The singer hopes that this latest offering would follow the success of his previous albums. Like the name ‘Rangeele’, Kher said that the songs in this album too have many shades.

“‘Rangeele’ is such an experience, it is not only a piece of music but it is an album of the very unique aspects of love and so many shades, where you feel devotional, patriotism, dedication, happiness, celebrations, frustrations even hatred, jealously and then surrendered and all this shades come when you are in love,” he added.