Katy Perry proud of her meaningful work

London: Katy Perry feels proud to have penned meaningful and substantial lyrics in her career, such as ‘Firework’ and ‘Teenage Dream’.

"I feel really happy I took that time to not write about DJs and fame, the materialistic world, which is great because I love those glitz-and-glamour bells and whistles, but I know people connect to more substantial lyrics," contactmusic.com quoted Perry as saying.

"I started writing songs like `Firework` and `Teenage Dream` and songs that I think now are anthems for people."

"When I`m playing `Firework`, the whole arena literally moves up and down. It`s the song that people are holding onto and inspired by. I always want to be completely honest and, for this record in particular, I knew from the outside world, a lot had changed," she said.