Lata is `pujaarin` of music: Big B

New Delhi: Describing music as the language of heaven, Amitabh Bachchan has saluted the genius called Lata Mangeshkar and says she has become the `pujaarin` of music.

Lata celebrated her 82nd birthday Wednesday and the 68-year-old megastar presented her with the `Hridaynath Award` for her incredible contribution to the arts.

"When she sings it is a direct connection with the Almighty, for in our vedas and our shashtras music has been given the position of the gods! Music is the language of the Heavens, without music even the gods are incomplete," Big B posted on his blog

"The Almighty has given each particle that He created the benefit of `laya`, rhythm and music, but He has given the gift of understanding it to only those that have persevered to devote themselves entirely to it, for he that has mastered music has indeed mastered in a sense the Almighty !! Lata Mangeshkar is one such that has devoted her life to music, and she then has become that pujaarin of the temple of music," he added.

And Big B salutes the Nightingale of India and wishes that everyone celebrates her birthday for many more years to come.

"Being in her presence has been the most invigorating moment for all that revere the best that is there in life. I salute such genius, and wish that the Almighty give us … … many more years to live, so we can continue to enjoy the lilt of her song and her renditions eternally and to be able to keep celebrating her birthday year after year," he posted.


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