Meiyang Chang wants to sing for Bollywood

New Delhi: Meiyang Chang`s brush with fame began with his singing prowess, but he left his first love for the sake of acting and anchoring. Now, the former `Indian Idol` contestant wants to sing again, and that too for Bollywood.

“I know I have left singing. In fact, I am thankful that some people still remember me for it and invite me to live shows. I have not even done my riyaaz for the past three to four months, but I plan to focus on my singing now,” Chang told reporters on phone from Mumbai.

“I want to start again by singing some jingles and tracks of TV shows. I don`t know when a film song will come my way but ultimately, of course, I would love to sing for Bollywood,” he added.

Chang participated in `Indian Idol 3` in 2007, and then went on to do live shows. He returned to `Indian Idol` as the host of the fourth season. His anchoring skills were recognised, and he was given a chance to be a presenter for the second season of ‘Indian Premier League’ in South Africa.

But he got a major break as an actor with Yash Raj Films` `Badmaash Company`, which also featured Shahid Kapoor. Now, he is waiting for more scripts, and says is happy hosting horror reality show `The Chair`, which airs on Bindass.

“I never left TV. Yes, I did move on do a movie and like everyone, I want to do many more movies, but let`s not underestimate the power of TV. It is a mass medium and I enjoy doing it,” said Chang, who is also a qualified dentist.

The singer-actor says he took up `The Chair` for its one-of-a-kind concept, which involves a participant trying to communicate subconsciously with the paranormal at a haunted location.

Chang says he was a fan of horror shows as a child, but he found them resembling comedies when he grew up.

“Beyond a point, all horror shows started using cheap tricks to scare the audience. But I do like some horror movies like `The Ring`. `The Chair` as a show is different because it shows how people react when they are put in situations involving ghosts and spirits.”

Does he believe in the supernatural?

“Personally, I think ghosts and spirits are all in the mind. I think people shed these fears as they grow up. I was scared of blood earlier, but after anatomy lessons during my dentistry study, I am hardly bothered anymore,” he quipped.


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