Melanie Chisholm hints at `Spice Girls` reunion

London: Former member of `Spice Girls` Melanie Chisholm has hinted at a possible reunion of the pop band in 2016.

The 40-year-old singer has revealed the girl group could get back together for a brief reunion tour to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of their iconic debut single `Wannabe`, reported a website.

"It`s funny isn`t it because people are saying it`s the 20 year anniversary of the Spice Girls, and we did get together in `94, but `Wannabe` wasn`t released until `96 so we don`t really see it until `96," she said.

However, Melanie and her group members Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Geri Halliwell might face trouble convincing their former bandmate Victoria Beckham to join them, since she has put her music career behind her.

The Spice Girls previously reunited for a 2008 world tour, `The Return of the Spice Girls`.