Moving from love, Euphoria pens songs on religion, terrorism

New Delhi: Hindi rock band Euphoria, who have entertained the youth with their love songs over the years, has moved on to issues like religion and terrorism with their new album.

Titled `Item`, the album deals with a range of topics right from modern Indian women to the power of money and Euphoria`s former bandmates.

"We have always been writing about girls and love, but this time we have taken up various issues. Its about the age we live in - I thought it is high time we start thinking about issues we have not thought of till now. All our lives we have spent thinking about so many things, I am blessed that I can express them in words," frontman Palash Sen told reporters.

Each of the nine songs in the album belong to a different mood and Palash says they are in sync with the `Navras` in the lives of the modern day Indian.

"There are nine songs, which we call the Navras of the Indian life today. We start with religion, go through virha, vidaai, atankvaad and also Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. We have called it Item because in every film the item number is most important. And in today`s music scenario we think Euphoria is the biggest item because only we have the guts to stand up to film music," said Palash.

The band shot to fame with their first studio album titled `Dhoom` in 1998 and there has been no looking back. Palash says they struck a chord with the people because they did not go with the flow and held their own.

"Even when we launched our first album it was unbelievable for a band to be at the centrestage of Indian music. An Indian band singing songs in Hindi was surprising for people. We have done stuff our own way and that`s what caught the imagination of people," he said.

The new album also has a song dedicated to their former band members who were like their brothers once but betrayed their trust and abandoned them at some point.

"I felt very betrayed and upset when some of our members left us, so I thought why not express the feelings in a song? Not only us, almost every band goes through this when some of their mates leave them. Every person has been betrayed by a friend at some point."

They have made a place in people`s hearts with hit tracks like `Maeri`, `Dhoom pichak Dhoom` and `Mehfuz` over the past 13 years, but Palash says there are too many obstacles which they have to overcome in order to survive.

"We are in a country that does not support non-film music. None of the television channels air non-film music, they only show movie songs. Then you have to face piracy. You also have to compete with films who are promoted on a large scale as a lot of money is pumped into them. Its all about money power. There are too many hurdles, but its our love for music that keeps us going."


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