Music lovers` enthusiasm attracts global bands to India: Nikhil Chinapa

Updated: Oct 01, 2012, 19:08 PM IST

New Delhi: Disc Jockey (DJ) and popular host Nikhil Chinapa feels it is the enthusiasm of the Indian music lovers that is motivating international bands to come and perform here.

"When a DJ has nice music, he wants to share it with other people. Dance floors in India are far more responsive. They are jumping more and they are dancing more. For a DJ`s satisfaction, it`s fantastic," Chinapa said.

Korn, International DJ Mux Mool, Metallica and Bryan Adams are some of the international names that have performed here and they had soldout shows here.

The 39-year-old, director of event management company Submerge, is looking forward to international bands Swedish House of Mafia and Trance Around The World`s performances here.

Swedish House of Mafia boast of three DJs who are pioneers in Electronic Dance Music (EDM). They will perform in Mumbai and Delhi Nov 17 and Nov 18, respectively.

Trance Around The World is a weekly radio show performed by the band Above and Beyond and it will perform in Bangalore Nov 10. This will be their 450th show, which will be heard live online.

Talking about the maintenance that goes into bringing international groups to India, Chinapa says it is not very difficult.

"Everything works as a relationship. The reason why they are here because they want to come and we want them here. If we cannot meet any of their demands, we simply tell them. Ninety nine percent artist send you their requirements. Some of these are possible and we give them that," he said.