Music of ‘I Am’ gets a flying start

Mumbai: Music of the film ‘I Am’ has got amazing reviews on its release. The album is a nine-piece ensemble with six original tracks and three remixed versions. It gets a flying start with the song "Baangur", a sufi rock with vocals by Mame Khan and Kavita Seth. A fusion of modern and traditional, the composition offers a great track with Indianised crooning and contemporary orchestration. A right choice to begin an album. The remixed version is average.

Next in store is a soft rock ballad, "Issi baat pe", which has almost a minute-long instrumental prelude before the vocals starts. Efficiently sung by KK, the moderately paced song has an inspirational approach and is a decent hear.

Amit Trivedi known for giving quality music shares the credits with composers Philip and Rajiv Bhalla to score a soundtrack for director Onir`s film and the music spells good music.

This one`s too got a remixed version.

Then comes a slow moving track called "Bhojal se" that begins with a humming. KK`s voice is more than apt for a song of this genre and sets the mood. It is poignant in character with minimal orchestration in the background, which gives it an edge. The song is touching and strikes a chord with the listener.

A remix is attached to "Bhajal se" too.

Up next is "Aankhein", a nice, pleasing, soft track with a romantic approach. An interesting composition, the song that has been crooned by Karthik slowly grows on you and then you can`t help listening to it in loop.

"Saye saye" is a dark, edgy song with an underlining current of aggression in the composition. Rekha bhardwaj adds a haunting touch to the track and she is aptly supported by Mohan. An impressive effort.

Finally, there is "Wundoo Yeredoo" by Rajiv Bhalla that sounds like a song from some other film. The album takes a 360 degree turn with this psychedelic composition, which is like a club song. It may be the demand of the script, but the track is a complete misfit in the album.

On the whole, the music of the film is quite likeable and enjoyable. Most of the songs boast of meaningful lyrics.