Music of `I don`t love you` launched in Mumbai

New Delhi: The cast and crew of the upcoming romantic drama `I Don`t Love You` launched its music in Mumbai.

Lead actors of the movie Ruslaan Mumtaz and debutant actress Chetna Pandey grooved to the film`s music at the event.

Mumtaz, 30, described the movie as a modern concept and a new way of showing a love story.

"It`s a love story and what happens is that the love stories which were made in the past there always use to be a conflict point between the lovers and that either use to be religion or status, rich and poor so this love story is different and its conflict point is a MMS Leak," he said.

"I thought it was a modern concept and it`s a new way of showing a love story. Also in today`s world there are lot of Breakups because of nets or tweets or relationship status on facebook. So our film deals with the problems that are face by Love in today`s time," the actor added.

Speaking on the occasion, filmmaker Satish Kaushik said that despite the fact that the film is titled `I don`t Love You`, it still has love in it.

"Love can never die in life. Even though the title of the film is I don`t Love You but even in that there will be I love you in some way or the other for sure. Because it`s not possible that there is no I love you in I don`t love you," the veteran actor explained.

"Because the title of the film is different from the story of the film and if I don`t love you is being said then it`s a very passionate statement which is a version of I love you only," Kaushik added.

The film, which will hit the theaters on 17th may, portrays the fast track time pass relationship of today`s generation.