Pakistan sways to its own `Kolaveri Di`

Islamabad: Pakistan now has its own version of Kolaveri Di, the Indian song that is racing towards the 30 million YouTube mark. And it`s hilarious.

"Where is democracy, democracy, democracy ji," asks the Pakistani version as five men swing to the tune that has made Indian superstar Rajinikanth`s son-in-law Dhanush an internet sensation.

The song has become a big hit in a country that has seen a string of military strongmen, the last of whom was Pervez Musharraf. Speculation swirled earlier this month of a coup when President Asif Ali Zardari abruptly left for Dubai over a heart ailment.

The song says: "Corruption perfect".

The dancers then move around a lamp as the lyrics go "Distance la sakun sakun", a reference to the frequent power outages. Then it adds "Bill amount tight-u".

That`s not all.

"Political money colour colour black-u."

There`s more.

"Your palace light-u, light-u, my home black-u".

The video shows politicians and says "rise, rise-u, cheat, cheat-u, our future dark-u".

In the original video, Dhanush says "Super mama ready". The Pakistani take on that says: "Super drama ready."

Dhanush also uses a Tamil word "Kaila glass" and then quickly shifts to English "Hand-u glass". The Pakistani song says "Satyanas" and then corrects saying "Only English".

It also refers to "jungle law, qarza bojh...eyes full of tears".

Close to the end, the song says "God-u I am dying now-u" as the five men lie on the road and ask "Are you happy now-u".

"This song-u for poor-u public-u" says the group and signs off.


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