Palash Sen to compose song for PM

Updated: Feb 22, 2011, 19:14 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Mostly looking low and upset gets you some empathy from people around, but it won`t always work if you`re the Prime Minister of India currently.

India’s PM, Manmohan Singh who has been pleading of his innocence and saying he is tied because he is `running a coalition` has not got him too many sympathizers in the recent times. But lead vocalist of Delhi based band, Dr Palash Sen clearly is on our PM’s side and has reportedly composed a song on the PM.

In an interview to a leading daily, Palash says that if he cannot do anything about the corruption and the `Rajas` in our country, he should at least not turn up looking so dejected all the time. Says Palash, "Every time one thinks of him, all we are reminded of is that sad expression on his face!"

Why a song on Manmohan Singh? "A lot of things which have been happening around us in the past few months have disturbed me. Like, for instance, I was thinking of the 2G scam, the Commonwealth Games corruption scandal, how the common man`s money is being misused, and that despite the hullabaloo, nothing happens in the end. As a common man, I cannot do anything about it, but there`s one person who`s not doing anything about it either, though he really can – Manmohan Singh. I mean, look at him, he`s always quiet. Quiet about all the mess that`s happening in the country he heads," rues the singer.

Palash adds that a year ago, everyone was mighty proud that an eminent economist was the prime minister of the country, but "He`s been such a disappointment, as so far he`s only been dousing fires and saving himself a bad name, claiming in more ways than one, that `Dekho, main bura aadmi nahin hoon, yeh sab jo ho raha hai, galat ho raha hai, par yeh meri galti nahin hai`. But I wonder, if he isn`t responsible for it, who is ? I am a nobody compared to Mr Singh, but since I am the leader of my band, I know I am accountable for anything that goes wrong with Euphoria. When two of my band members were creating trouble, I was responsible for it, so I found ways to solve the problem, because I am the leader. But so is Manmohan Singh – he is the leader of this country! Why can`t he, for once, flee from his sad self and take action?"

Hence, the singer has decided to compose a song titled "Gumsum" for the PM, with the lyrics, "Aa Dekhoon Main Kya Hai Masla, Naa Jaanu Main Sach Hai Kya, Tha Jo Tere Mann Mein Bhool Ja, Par Gumsum Raho Naa"!

Ab maan bhi jao, Mr Singh!