Playback singing ridiculous: Alisha Chinai

Mumbai: Singer Alisha Chinai, with chartbusters like `Kajra re` (`Bunty Aur Babli`) and `Tera hone laga hoon` (`Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani`) to her name, thinks playback singing is ridiculous and says she can`t do it any more at any cost.

"Aishwarya and Katrina are beautiful women. But sorry, I didn`t enjoy watching them pretending to sing my songs `Kajra re` and `Tera hone laga`. My God! It`s so ridiculous! Would you ever see Julia Robert singing in Madonna`s voice? Over here this practice of ghost voices just spooks me out, man. I can`t do it, sorry," she said.

Alisha`s latest grievance over the tradition of ghost voices is the chartbuster "Munni badnaam hui."

"Who knows it is sung by Mamta Sharma? Everyone sees it as Malaika`s song," protests Alisha.

So what`s her solution?

"I`ve none. I can`t fight the system. For years and years, the heroines have been walking away with the credit for songs sung by us playback singers. Today things have come to such a pathetic and sorry state for playback singers that no one knows the singers` identity any more. Who knows I sang `Tera hone laga` for Katrina and `It`s rocking` and `Bebo main bebo` for Kareena? In fact, many people think they sang these numbers!" she said.

Alisha finds this continual neglect of playback singers degrading and thoroughly unacceptable.

"I`ve told my manager not to even entertain any offers for playback singing. I can`t do it. In the past, I saw Sridevi walk away with all the raves for my song `Kaate nahin kat-te` in `Mr. India`. It hurt then, it hurts more now. I`d rather sit at home jobless than allow my talent to be used to further any actress` popularity," a livid Alisha said.

Alisha said she hoped to revive the era of non-film albums.

"I know I`m being unrealistic, but I can`t help it. Either I`ll sing in non-film albums or otherwise let the singer also do music videos of songs that heroines lip-sync on screen. I know other singers just sing their songs, take the peanuts offered as remuneration and go home. I can`t do that. I won`t be exploited in this way. Pay me and give me my due credit. Or I am out of here," she said.