Prashant turns composer for `Dhishkiyaon`

Mumbai: After some hard-hitting performances as an actor, Prashant Narayanan has turned composer for a song for his upcoming film "Dhishkiyaon".

"I am also composing the title track of `Dhishkiyaon`. I am working on the end title track as a composer," Prashant said here Thursday at the premiere of his new film "Cigarette Ki Tarah."

"Dhishkiyaon" is being co-produced by Shilpa Shetty, but the actress is not ready to talk about it yet.

Asked the reason behind it, Prashant said, "She must be tight-lipped about it because they say that `nazar lag jaati hai`".

"The film is being made with such love. So I am sure Shilpa must be thinking that if we start talking about it then it may be bad omen because a beautiful film is being made," he added.

"Dhishkiyaon" also stars Harman Baweja and Sanjay Dutt.