Priyanka Chopra set to croon with singer Jay Sean

Updated: Sep 15, 2010, 12:01 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra is one multi-talented actress. The sassy beauty who is known for her outstanding acting skills is also a singer. And if all goes well, Priyanka will be seen crooning again in a video album for internationally renowned artist Jay Sean. As per reports, the actress has been approached by Jay Sean for a hot music video.

Speaking about Priyanka, Jay Sean said “She is my favourite friends from Bollywood. I know Priyanka has great love for music and can sing easily, so I’d love to do a lot more with her than just get her in a music video.”

As for Priyanka singing with him, the singer says, “It would be so much fun! She sings really well. So definitely keep an eye for that… something good’s going to happen.”

Talking about the music video, Sean says that the two have been discussing it forever. “I talk to Priyanka quite frequently and we talk about the video every time. I ask her, ‘When are you going to stop doing some films, so you have time to do my music video? And she’ll be like, ‘You have to work between my films, dude!’”

Talking about the chemistry that he shares with Piggy Chops, Sean said, “She’s a lovely girl and very, very talented. I love her films. In fact, I keep teasing her that if she’s going to be in my music videos, she’ll have to talk to one of her directors to make me the lead in one of her films.”