Psy wants to continue being `funny guy with funny dance in funny video`

Kuala Lumpur: PSY, whose first music video ‘Bird’ from his first album ‘Psy from the PSYcho World!’ earned him a cult following in his home country, amazingly remains down to earth about the whirlwind ride that his ‘Gangnam Style’ horse dance has taken him on.

Thanks to YouTube, the South Korean rapper has become a global sensation who has partied with US President Barack Obama, boogied with United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon and even inspired some Nasa astronauts to gallop in space.

The 34-year-old rapper says that he wants to maintain the image he had when he made his debut 12 years ago – “the same funny guy with the funny dance in the funny video,” the Star Online reported.

He said he never expected anyone outside Korea to even hear of his song, and considers his success to be a miracle.


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