Rahmansque to take the musical prodigy in Kolkata

Kolkata: In one-of-its kind musical extravaganza in the sub-continent for the first time, music wizard A R Rahman will undertake a one-month-long expedition touring Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

"Music for me is an expression of unconditional and unlimited love. This tour is a gesture of the love I have for my fans in India. I want to closely interact with my fans while we celebrate my music at the tour. We are a great prosperous musical nation and tours like these are a great way to rekindle the connect with the audiences on a more personal level," Rahman said from Mumbai.

The live-in concert will be named Rahmanishq.
Rahman talked about the euphoria at live performances as a two-way experience in Kolkata and other places.

The Oscar-winning composer said his music academy was aimed at giving back people the recognition and admiration he had been bestowed, his own contribution to develop a musically-inclined generation who can have solid foundations in matters of song.

"Music is the language of the souls and what cannot be put into words can be expressed through lyrics put to tunes. We hope that this will mark a new beginning for many more such tours that will benchmark the music industry, he said."