Sonam Kapoor game for item numbers

Mumbai: It seems Sonam Kapoor is itching for an image makeover. The actress says she would love to do a sexy item number.

"No one asks me to do an item number. I am just asked to do classical type of films. So, I guess people have to start looking at me in that way and see me as a sexy item number girl," Sonam said at an event here.

The actress was recently seen in Pankaj Kapoor`s "Mausam" along with Shahid Kapoor. Although the film hasn`t got great reviews, she is not upset.

"Fortunately for me I have got unanimously great reviews for `Mausam` this time. I haven`t got one bad review," Sonam said.

"People have unanimously loved me in the film. I have not actually encountered too much criticism with it. So I don`t know how I will deal with it but hopefully I will deal with it gracefully," she added.

Lately, a lot of mainstream actresses are doing item numbers - whether it`s Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor. And Sonam hopes to join the league soon.