Sophie Choudry upset with singers` condition

Mumbai: Actor-singer Sophie Choudry is upset with the condition of singers in the country. Comparing the scenario to international singers, she says singers here are always considered secondary to actors.

"In our industry, actors are considered to be bigger stars than singers. But if you look at the international level, sometimes singers are much bigger stars than actors and they have a much bigger fan following," the 31-year-old said here.

Sophie blames lack of promotion for music other than Bollywood, for the problem.

"We all know that in the last four to five years, all kinds of music, except film music, have not been getting a platform. Media does not promote it, radio channels don`t play them. This makes it very difficult for musicians to express themselves," she added.

She also rues how a "song is recognised by an actor`s name first and then the singer`s name is taken".