Universal `love` theme for CWG

New Delhi: After a spectacular opening of the Commonwealth Games Ceremony, creative director Bharat Bala promises an equally memorable farewell to the Games with performances that incorporates love and fond memories of India which athletes and visitors can take away with them.

"We have a lot to offer. While the opening ceremony was based on traditional Indian culture and heritage, the closing ceremony will be an entirely different show based on the universal theme of love," Bharat Bala told PTI.

Film director Bharat Bala, who included 1000 drummers from different regions of the country, various folk dancers, yoga, and other traditional Indian themes, has lined up an equally spectacular closing show that includes martial art forms from across India.

"At the closing ceremony, the mood will be different. The idea is that athletes would be leaving for their homes and we want them to carry something good for their families," Bala said.

Talking about his preparations he said,"I was watching the show on TV from a TV control room and it captured a lot of emotions of the performers close up. Immediately after the show I started receiving sms and calls from people in Canada, Australia, new Zealand, England... Seattle and San Francisco. It was amazing."

The Opening Ceremony he says was also made possible only because performers, school children, creative and production team that came together with 50 per cent audience of Delhi that filled the stadium.

"The energy of the 60,000 people radiated to us," he adds.

While Oscar winning A R Rahman who composed and sang the official CWG anthem "Jiyo, Utho Bado Jeeto" (Live, Rise,
Ascend, win) as well as child tabla prodigy Keshav wont be present, the Rs 38 crore helium aerostat that hogged the limelight during the three hour long opening ceremony would return for the closing ceremony too.

"The aerostat helped it to make the ceremony a spectacle with its installation of tree, yoga...all gave it a grand look."

"When we designed the concept for the opening ceremony something was missing. An infrastructure should allow you to do lighting and use other technology, something different had to be done. It is then Mark Fisher gave the idea for aerostat," says Bala.

The aerostat which has mirrors fixed to its bottom to reflect the performances had in between developed a snag which prompted many safety concerns.