Vivek`s `musical touch` to ‘Kismet, Luv, Paisa, Dilli’

Mumbai: The music of forthcoming ‘Kismet, Luv, Paisa, Dilli’ is creating more buzz than the film itself and lead actor Vivek Oberoi has revealed how he worked together with composers Amjad and Nadeem on it.

The film has some foot-tapping numbers like "Appy Budday", "Dhishkiyaon" and "Jugaad."

"I am personally very happy that the music is so catchy and it has now entered music charts. The two kids, Amjad and Nadeem, and lyricist Shabbir, are like a family. I have been creating a music bank with them for some years now," the 36-year-old said here Thursday during a promotional event of the film which has Mallika Sherawat in the female lead.

"In fact, Mallika used to make fun of us because all of them used to come on the sets and we used to make music all night long," he added.

Vivek also said that the two would also be giving music to his yet another movie ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’.

"I have also got them to sign `Zilla Ghaziabad.` So I am very happy for them that their work is being appreciated and Inshallah they will get a lot of success," Vivek said.

Directed by Sanjay Khanduri, ‘Kismet,Luv,Paisa, Dilli’ hits theatres Oct 5.

Mallika said that "the film addresses today`s youth`s issues".

"Such issues that you can`t usually communicate with the elders, with your parents. So all that is addressed in this movie, plus, the film also takes on the politicians," she added.