When Facebook brought two musicians together

New Delhi: They were together in school and renewed their friendship on social networking site Facebook, which also helped them realise their shared passion
for music.

That`s how Vineet Malhotra and Rajan Adlakha created their band `Shadow`, which won the `Best Electro/Dance Act` award at Asia Pacific Voice Independent Music Awards
(AVIMA) 2010, barely four months after it was formed.

Malhotra, the lead composer for the band, is a professional model and Adlakha, the sound engineer for the band, is an architect.

Music created by Shadow, says Adlakha, surpasses all musical genres and they call it the `World Progressive Sound`.

"We are trying out different experiments. We have not limited ourselves to a particular genre. We want to create the sound that is beyond all genres," said Adlakha, who does
most of the technical work for the Shadow, including mixing and sounds.

"Our music is not only the fusion of Indian and Western music but it is also the fusion of all the world music. We are interested in combining music from all over the world," said Malhotra.

Shadow has no words, no lyrics in their composition - its tracks are entirely based on music. "There are no lyrics, it is more challenging. Because our tracks are entirely based on music, we have to go that extra mile to make it perfect. It is meant to be seductive," Adlakha said.

The two member band uses computer technology to do most of their composition. Apart from computers, the group also uses acoustic instruments to create their rhythms.

Three weeks after Shadow was created, the band decided to put up their music on MySpace.com. To their surprise, after two weeks both their singles debuted at the top positions on charts. Their profile on MySpace.com has more than eight
thousand views in the period of less than three months.

"We (Shadow) are just four months old, but the reactions we have received are positive and very encouraging," said Malhotra. "Our music is not for the masses, but for the
classes - for those who love the music," he said.