Zeenat supports new `Laila O laila`

Updated: Apr 10, 2011, 20:42 PM IST

Mumbai: Zeenat Aman might not be happy with the new version of her cult song `Dum maaro dum`, but the veteran actress is quite satisfied with the neo-age version of "Laila o laila" and is going all out to lend her support to it.

The famous song from the 1980 film "Qurbani" has been re-arranged for the film "Chalo Dilli", which is actress Lara Dutta`s first home production.

"I liked the song when I heard it. They have retained the original version and at the same time have given the song a new flavour. It`s got a rustic, ethnic feel and I liked it a lot. So I`m supporting it," Zeenat told IANS.

The new version has been picturised on Yana Gupta and the 31-year-old is extremely happy to be a part of such a cult song.

Yana said: "I was extremely excited to do this song because it`s fantastic. I`m just honoured to do Zeenatji`s song. I think people will like it.

Yana said she was very happy that Zeenat gave her support for the song. "It`s a big deal for me," she said.

"I saw the video of the original song a couple of times and saw the style that Zeenat ji used in the song. But I didn`t copy her as I thought of doing it my own way because the song is very different," she added.