`Kiss Me` singer Noelia wants to collaborate with Zakir Hussain

New Delhi: Puerto Rican pop singer Noelia of `Kiss Me` fame says she is eager to collaborate with Indian tabla maestro Zakir Hussain and she considers Sunidhi Chauhan her favourite female artist.

"I would like to incorporate percussion from India like the ones played by a great musician Zakir Hussain and of course I would love to collaborate with him. I also like a lot of Daboo Malik`s songs. And my favourite female artist is Sunidhi Chauhan," Noelia told reporters in an email interaction from Beverly Hills.

The 32-year-old singer from the island territory in the Caribbean Sea that is associated with the United States but retains its internal governing authority hasn`t been to India before but plans to shoot her next music video in the country.

"I haven`t been to India before. I am so excited to visit it for the first time in my life. I am planning to film one of my next music videos in India," Noelia told IANS.

Daughter of Puerto Rican singer Yolandita Monge, Noelia rose to fame in 1999 with a self-titled album, of which she has sold almost four million copies. She is currently riding high on the success of her new single "Kiss me", which features in the Top 20 of the Billboard Dance Music charts.

Noelia says the music industry in the west has become globally sound over the years. Technological advancements have made it easier for budding artists to showcase their talent.

"I think now the music here in the west has a more global sound. The social media tools have got us closer to know rhythms from every corner of the world," she said.

"I think the (music) industry is very welcoming to new talent. The new technological platforms give the new artists the opportunities to showcase their talent to the world. We are approaching the era of global talent originating from different parts of the world," Noelia added.

Noelia admits competition has escalated, compelling artists, including her, to give their best.

"The same globalisation causes more pressure and you are obligated to excel with excellence and ingenuity. Sometimes I do feel it (the pressure), sometimes I don`t. But when I do, my way to cope is to concentrate on my own talent and my work," she said.

The singer has recently collaborated with American record producer Timbaland for her eighth disc.

The yet-to-be-titled album features a range of musical styles, notably pop and ballads. Timbaland has worked on songs for singers like Justin Timberlake and Madonna, and Noelia feels it`s been a learning experience to work with him.

"It was an amazing experience. I grew a lot more as an artist working with his team. He is incomparable; he is so talented and a visionary.

"As a singer his voice dominates your body and mind," said Noelia, who will soon launch herself in the US and European markets with singles like "Exploit" and "Spell", respectively.


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