700 Chinese kids dance to Jackson`s tunes

Beijing: A video showing over 700 children dancing to Michael Jackson`s "Dangerous" at a primary school in southwest China has taken the internet by storm.

Students of the Duping Primary School in Wushan county of Chongqing are shown dancing on a dirt playground and moonwalking to "Dangerous" in the same way the late `King of Pop` did, according to Xinhua.

The eight-minute video has appeared on video-sharing website youku.com and quickly spread through a microblogging service run by sina.com.

One of the video`s producers, Wang Zhonghua, who teaches Chinese at the school, said the choice to use the song was a coincidence. "We just felt it was animated and the children seemed to enjoy the song," he said.

Wang and sports teacher Ran Jia watched Jackson`s video and learned to perform the dance themselves before teaching their students.

"The children learned really fast," said Wang.

Internet users have praised the school`s efforts as "pioneering" and "cool". Some, however, said the music and lyrics of "Dangerous" were not appropriate for children.


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