80`s rocker Jani Lane dead

London: Glam metal band Warrant`s former member Janie Lane has been found dead in a motel near Los Angeles. He was 47.

The `80s rocker, best known for the band`s hit `Cherry Pie`, was found dead in a room last night. The cause of his death is yet to be determined, reported Contactmusic.

"We`d like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of Jani Lane regarding their loss. Respectfully, Bret," fellow `80s rocker, Poison star Brett Michaels tweeted.

Lane had sung with Warrant since they formed in the early `80s and had written some of the band`s biggest hits, including `Down Boys`, `Uncle Tom`s Cabin` and 1989 ballad

He left Warrant in 1993, only to rejoin the next year, before quitting again in 2004.

The singer had reportedly struggled with drug addiction in recent years and spent time in jail for drunk driving.

"My true hope is that anyone out there dealing with personal problems - the consequences do not get lighter. I can only say I`ve never regretted a good decision or action and never been proud of bad ones. People have an astounding ability to forgive. I have to start with forgiving myself.

That is something that I find far more difficult than I imagined. I think it starts with gratitude." he had said in a statement last year.

Lane leaves behind third wife Kimberly and four children, Taylar, Brittany, Madison and Ryan.