Aguilera to perform on MJ`s death anniversary

Updated: Jun 23, 2010, 13:04 PM IST

Los Angeles: Singers Christina Aguilera and Smokey Robinson will perform at a special show Friday to mark the first death anniversary of pop legend Michael Jackson.

The two are set to take the stage on the US channel CBS for a special programme titled "The King of Pop: One Year Later". They will perform on Jackson`s hit single "Man in the Mirror", reports

"Music wouldn`t be what it is without someone like Michael Jackson. I remember going to my high school talent show singing `The way you make me feel` and being a huge fan of his album `Bad`. I know all my dancers wouldn`t be behind me dancing if it weren`t for that," said Aguilera.

Rapper LL Cool, singers Marc Anthony and James Morrison will join them.

"A Michael Jackson comes around literally once in a lifetime. They break the mould and I think there are people who just sacrifice their life, their personal life all for the art. That`s what Michael did - he sacrificed his life for the art," said Anthony.