Alice Cooper wants to pay tribute to chicken

London: Rocker Alice Cooper says he would like to build a statue in honour of the chicken which was killed at one of his concerts more than 30 years ago.

The 63-year-old singer, who hit headlines in 1969 when their audience at a show in Canada tore the live bird to pieces, now feels a proper tribute should be paid to the animal whose bloodied body was thrown back at the band,
Contactmusic reported.

"Here`s the kicker. The people in the first five rows were all in wheelchairs. They didn`t like the idea that the chicken could walk - that`s what flipped into my mind.

"And this was the Toronto `Peace` Festival! I am seriously thinking of erecting a statue there; Monument to the Unknown Chicken. The noble bird that lost its life in the service of rock `n` roll and gave Alice Cooper a career," he

Cooper is not the only rocker to have had an encounter with animal slaughter at his show, as heavy metal group Metallica saw a fan shower the band with bits of recently-slaughtered pig.


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