American DJ Mux Mool set to perform in India

New Delhi: American disc jockey (DJ) and electronic musician Mux Mool is set to stage his maiden performance in the country here Wednesday, a day ahead of the World Music Day.

Besides enthralling music lovers with his talent, he plans to explore chances of collaborations and hopes to make long lasting connections in India.

"I`m hoping to meet people to collaborate with. I may only have a week, but I`d like to make some lasting connections if I could," Mool told reporters in an interview.

Mool is here to perform in a multi-city tour in association with Heineken Green Room (HGR), a first time initive in the country, aimed at promoting unconventional music and artists.

On his tour, the DJ is looking forward to explore Indian music.

"India has a rich musical history and some of my favourite producers have travelled through India collecting records and field recordings and I can`t wait to see what I find," he said.

After his performance here Wednesday, Mool will travel to Mumbai and Bangalore Friday and Sunday respectively, to play for his fans.

He says he will focus on playing his own productions.

"I`ll be playing mostly my own productions mixed with bits of other popular hip hop and club music, but like with every show it`s best to sort of read the crowd and see what they`re liking and try and get everyone excited and dancing," he said.

Starting from the state of Minnesota, US, and making it big in Brooklyn, Mool has always been fascinated with the idea of computers helping in making music and that is how he developed a fetish for electronic beats and music.

Travelling through various parts of the world, he believes music knows no boundaries.

"I feel rhythm is universal, we can all sense and respond to rhythm. Since most of what I make is rhythm-based and largely instrumental, it`s very accessible," Mool said.

"The feeling is there without the need for words. We all know how to dance and nod our heads," he added.

Recently, he released his album `Planet High School` and these days he`s busy mixing beats and music for rappers.