Amy Lee adjusting to rocking stage again

Washington: Evanescence’s Amy Lee has revealed that she is still adjusting to being a rock star on stage again, after the huge gap between the band’s second and third albums.

The singer with the ‘What You Want’ group admitted that during their five-year hiatus between second album, ‘The Open Door’, in 2006 and their self-titled third album earlier this year she had forgotten how to carry herself on stage.

“I had definitely assimilated back into normal life, so I’m still trying to remember how to adjust into being a rock star onstage and know how to say stuff in between songs that doesn’t sound stupid,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Kerrang magazine.

Lee is currently touring the US but is already looking forward to play in Europe because the crowds there are very “rowdy”.

“We love playing in different countries. I love our fans in the States, but it seems like more of a special event when we leave the US.

“Europeans tend to be a little more rowdy. We definitely have a cool fan base there - our London show sold out so fast that they added another night. We’re excited to give the fans what they want,” she added.


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