Amy Winehouse helps pop star goddaughter cut slang from songs

Updated: Apr 19, 2011, 17:05 PM IST

London: ‘Rehab’ singer Amy Winehouse has been busy helping her pop star goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, write songs that don’t include slang.

Bromfield said that she had to explain certain words to Winehouse and if she found them to be inappropriate she would cut them out.

“She’s 27 and I’m only 15, so when we were writing stuff I would say certain words and she’d be like ‘What does that mean?’ and I’d tell her,” the Sun quoted Bromfield as saying.

“Then she’d be able to think of a more articulate word to fit in instead. Everything I was saying, she’d be like, ‘No not working, not working’.

“I kept wanting to put ‘innit’ into my songs, and she was like, ‘You can’t have that in there. It’s too cheap’,” she added.