Amy Winehouse’s producer defends unheard album release

London: The producer of Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album has defended the decision to release the unheard tracks, insisting that they are personal songs that document her life.

Salaam Remi received negative comments from several critics for releasing the album, but the producer insists that the public hear the songs.

“A lot of people, through the other antics that were going on with her personally, didn’t get that she was at the top of what she did,” the Daily Express quoted Remi as telling

“Coming to Miami was her escape from all of that, and her writing process could document her life, whether it was recording the pain or the loneliness or the humour.

“It makes no sense for these songs to be sitting on a hard drive, withering away,” he added.

From each album sold, 1 pound will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which the late singer’s father Mitch set up in his daughter’s memory after her death.