Avril Lavigne postpones Japan concert

London: Pop star Avril Lavigne has postponed her Japan tour dates out of respect for the families that are still grieving for their loved ones post the tsunami and earthquake.

The 26-year-old singer is working on projects to support children and their families in Japan and will return with her Black Star tour dates once they are re-scheduled, reported Daily Mail.

"I want the people of Japan to know that they have been in my thoughts since the devastating disasters. Japan and my fans there have been so important to me and so supportive throughout my career.

"My heart goes out to the families of those who passed and are still missing as well as the survivors who are still living in shelters across the country. I hope my fans around the world will join me by showing their support for our friends in Japan," said Lavigne, who was scheduled to perform in the disaster-struck country this month.

The `What the Hell` hitmaker is also working on a t-shirt design inspired by her love for Japan, the proceeds of which will go to `The Avril Lavigne Foundation: Comfort for Kids` program.

The program helps children and youth overcome trauma because of natural calamities.