‘Beatles had pennies thrown at them’

London: Music legend Paul McCartney says that `Beatles` during their initial days played some `miserable` shows and even had pennies thrown at them by a group of `unruly youths`.

"There were dreadful gigs that were memorable," Contactmusic quoted McCartney as saying.

"We played a little village near Stroud once, but not a lot of people turned up. A few unruly youths threw pennies at us, so that was kinda miserable, except at the end we decided to pick up the pennies and pocket them, which stopped that practice fairly quickly," he added.

Notwithstanding their humble beginning, Beatles, which also comprised Ringo Starr, late John Lennon and George Harrison went on to become one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts of all time.

McCartney, who started his solo career when the group after years of unparalleled success and popularity eventually brokeup in 1970, still enjoys touring.

The singer, who has been hold the Guinness World Record for `most successful musician and composer in popular music history`, also credits his long stint as a solo tourer to the enthusiasm of his fans.

"I don`t tour as rigorously as I used to. I have periods when I can tour and it makes me actually enjoy it better and therefore makes it seem a little easier than it used to. And also when the tickets sell out in four seconds, as some of them have done, it makes me think...These people want to come and see me, and that helps," McCartney said.



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