Beth Ditto eager to write songs for Madonna

Los Angeles: Singer Beth Ditto is eager to write songs for Madonna after learning that the pop diva`s next album is inspired by her.

“I was over the moon when I heard that [I’d influenced Madonna]. I am desperate to write for her. I was like, ‘Get on the horn and call me, Madge! Does anyone have Madonna`s phone number? Oh, hold on, no one does,’” she told a magazine.

A part of Ditto`s new album has been produced by Mark Ronson and she says they bonded over hip-hop and country music, reports a website.

“I loved Mark and we worked really well together, he`s a really amazing singer`s producer. Just the way he gets a voice out of you is so special. He has such a vast knowledge of music and had so many great reference that we totally shared,” she said.

“He really does love music and you can tell. One of our most common bonds was we both loved big voices, church voices. He loves country music, which is a big deal to me because, in terms of things I love, country music is probably number one, then it’s punk and hip-hop. With Mark, we both loved a certain type of late to early 90s hip-hop and R&B,” she added.