Bollywood fascinates us: Prodigy

New Delhi: The only Indian artiste they have ever heard is Asha Bhonsle but international chartbusters `Prodigy` who are making their maiden trip to India, are fascinated by the "funky" sounds of Bollywood.

The British techno group who are on the wish list of King Khan, Shah Rukh, for his ambitious superhero flick `Ra.One`, are here for the Eristoff Invasion festival and are looking forward to their India experience.

"We`re hoping we`ve got a good person to show us around. It`s exciting for us, because none of us really know what to expect. When we go to Europe of Japan, we know what to expect. As much as it is about coming to the festival, with India, it`s also about the whole experience," composer Liam Howlett told reporters in an interview.

The hitmakers who had collaborated with Asian artiste Shahin Badar on their most controversial track till date, `Smack My Bitch Up` say that it is retro Bollywood that they find exciting.

"I find it (Bollywood) really fascinating. I don`t really know anything about it. The only thing I know is some old 1970s kind of recording, a Bollywood soundtrack of Asha Bhosle`s. As a producer, I`m excited by the sounds coming out of India at that time, some of those records have a funky influence," said Howlett.

`Prodigy`, consisting of Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim along with with `Fatboy Slim`, `The Chemical Brothers` and `The Crystal Method`, have been credited as pioneers of the big beat genre which achieved mainstream popularity in the 1990s and 2000s.

The set list they say will reflect their two decade long career.

"If we were playing in Germany, we`d update the set and play a lot of new tunes and so forth, tunes people haven`t heard before. But because it`s our first time in India, we will be playing music right from our first album all the way up to Invaders Must Die," said Howlett.

The group performed in Bangalore yesterday and will perform in Delhi tomorrow.


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