Bono brands Glastonbury protests as ‘wrong’

London: U2 frontman Bono has slammed the violent protests at Glastonbury festival by branding their campaign as ‘wrong’.

The lead vocalist of the rock band was accused by anti-capitalist group Art Uncut for evading hefty tax bills in their native Ireland by moving their business operations to the Netherlands.

The protesters staged a demonstration during their show at Glastonbury on Friday. But the rocker insisted that despite being ‘glad’ for the campaigners, who were able to say what they had to, he considered the campaign as ‘wrong’, reported the Daily Star online.

"I`m all for protests. I`ve been protesting all of my life. I`m glad they got the chance to have their say. But, as it happens, what they`re protesting about is wrong," said Bono, 51.

The demonstrators, who inflated a large balloon featuring the message, ‘U Pay Your Tax 2’, during the gig, was immediately removed by security guards who wrestled a number of activists to the ground.

The move prompted angry clashes between protesters and security staff.

The Glastonbury organisers have tried to wash their hands off by insisting that there was ‘no instruction of heavy-handedness’.


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