Booze-fuelled creative juices helped Adele write bestselling album

London: Adele has revealed that alcohol helped her in getting her creative juices flowing while writing her last bestselling album.

The singer has revealed that her best lyrics on 21 came after she``d spent a few hours hitting the bottle.

“I used to have to lock myself away in my house, get pretty drunk and write a drunk diary - and that was the first time I could admit things to myself,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“A drunk tongue is an honest one in my opinion and the next morning I would read it through with an awful hangover and, in the cold light of day, had to absorb my feelings about myself. I was a bit scared that I wouldn``t be articulate enough.

“When I was 18 or 19 I didn``t regret anything, I was very much a teenager and thought I knew it all and that there was nothing else I could learn.

“I started realising my own flaws and my disappointments and I started regretting a lot of stuff. It was quite an awakening,” she added.



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