Brian Williams rips Lana Del Rey in email to Gawker

Los Angeles: Brian Williams won`t be buying Lana Del Rey`s next album.

In an email to Gawker chief Nick Denton, the NBC Nightly News anchor slammed Del Rey`s ‘Saturday Night Live’ performance last weekend as " of worst outings in SNL history."

Denton promptly plastered Williams` email on his site -- ruining NBC PR`s Martin Luther King Day and sending them scrambling to scrub the internet for traces of the newsman`s blunt remarks.

A flak for the network pressed the gossip hub to take down the missive, writing, "That was sent in confidence as friends and absolutely never intended to be public. A speedy removal would go a long way in maintaining the trust and respect we have for your site."

So far, Gawker appears to have ignored the request -- beyond posting it alongside Williams` message for the world to see and enjoy.

It was impolitic, but Williams was only repeating the critical consensus when he skewered the internet sensation`s off-key belting.

Perez Hilton, for one, tweeted "Just watched SNL. Not only was @LanaDelRey vocally WAY off, but watching her utter lack of stage presence was cringe-worthy. #DontBuyTheHype."

However, in ripping Del Ray, Williams was also criticizing his own network and his profane communique was informal in a way that is wildly at odds with his well-coiffed, stentorian voiced persona.

Williams doesn`t exactly drip with gravitas when he writes, "In my humble opinion as a loyal customer (you know I love you but the Blog View button will be the eventual cause of my death) and while I know you`re in the midst of an editor change, weekends have been allowed to go awfully fallow - and it was a fallow holiday period for those of us who check your shit 10 times a day by iphone."

Time for Denton to post some Bob Schieffer texts.

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